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Makruzz is the first privately owned passenger cruise in Andaman. It operates its services from Port Blair to Havelock and Neil.

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Cruise / Ferry Overview

MAK Logistics is the enterprise that manages every aspect about the vessels, beginning from the reservations, to the security of your trip, as well as the landing logistics and everything in between. These ships are made from aluminum, which reduces flailing from the sea, and provides the most comfort. Both the M.V. Makruzz and the Makruzz Gold have two hulls, which is better than only one of them, since we can then travel with even less flail and more legroom for each of the travelers. Fun Fact: MAK Logistics was founded by three men: Mohammed Jadwet, Mr. Kundu and Mr. Ashok, whose name’s first letters create the name MAK logistics. The ships from Makruzz are often painted white, which makes them look almost like a piece of aircraft. The Gold version of the ship is larger, and is distinguished by a golden strip lining the ship. All ships from Makruzz have two decks, a top one, and a bottom one. Both decks are closed, as the whole ship has air conditioning included, the deck is enclosed by giant glass panes, which gives people a view of the ocean as if they were on the outside. Additionally, Makruzz ships offer three classes: Premium, Deluxe and Royal. Premium seats are placed in the lower deck, Deluxe seats offer a better view from the top deck, and the Royal seats offer an exclusive view from a section of the top level, they have more privacy and amenities. All Makruzz ships only have 8 of these seats available.

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