The best and the biggest private cruise in Andaman. MAKRUZZ Gold is the most premium vessel in Andaman sea.

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Cruise / Ferry Overview

Ride the waves as you cruise on board the luxurious Makruzz Gold. The largest cruise ship in Andamans.

Makruzz Gold is a fully airconditioned high-speed craft that operates between Port Blair-Havelock & Neil Island. It has an aircraft-like seating arrangement, the only difference (apart from wearing a seat belt) is the huge glass window which offers a mesmerizing view of the ocean as you cruise. There are three classes of seats to choose from. The average travel time from Port Blair to Havelock is 90 minutes, which is the fastest among all the cruise ships in Andamans. 


The ship was brought in from Singapore by MAK Logistics in the year 2016. It has 02 decks and a passenger capacity of 333 people. Apart from Makruzz Gold, MAK Logistics also operates 02 other cruise ships by the name Makruzz Makruzz Pearl.

We know you are not here for a history lesson but to book Makruzz Gold ferry for your Havelock or Neil Island trip.

So here are all the details you need to know for your Makruzz Gold online booking.

Makruzz Gold seat categories

Makruzz has 03 categories of seats, Premium class, Deluxe class and Royal Class. The prices for these seats differ as per the sector of travel.


Premium seats in Makruzz

There are 262 Premium seats in Makruzz Gold. There are 4 rows with a walkway between every 3 seats. All seats have a sea view, however, the window seats have a better view. So how do I get a window seat in Makruzz Gold? Is that the question in your mind? The only way to get a window seat is to book as early as possible. We have Makruzz seat selection access thus we can book a window seat for you if it is available. Seats are allotted on a first come first served basis.

Makruzz Gold Deluxe Class seats



Deluxe class seats are on the upper deck and thus offer a better sea view. There are 64 Delux seats spread across 3 rows. The bridge or the cockpit of the ship is also on the upper deck just in front of the deluxe seats. As there are fewer seats in the deluxe class, you get more legroom and have more chance to get a window seat.

Makruzz Gold Royal Class


Want to feel like a royal?  Travel the royal class of Makruzz Gold It is almost like flying in the business class of an airplane. It is a separate cabin with just 8 seats. There are a television and 8 luxury push-back seats on the red carpet to make you feel the luxury. All seats have a brilliant sea view. Refreshments and beverages are served during the journey in royal class. You also get priority boarding and deboarding. However, the roundtrip ticket price for this class may sometimes be equal to your flight charges to Andamans.

Amenities on board Makruzz


Makruzz Gold has an onboard cafeteria that serves snacks as well as hot and cold beverages. So you can sip a coffee while you enjoy the ocean view from the window of your seat. Large screen televisions are placed in every class which play safety briefing and prerecorded entertainment videos during the journey. There are common washrooms for all classes.

The ultimate blend of Speed and Comfort


Makruzz is the fastest private cruise in Andamans and can sail at a speed of 30 Nautical Miles per hour. The actual sailing speed depends on the weather and sea conditions. On an average Makruzz takes 90 minutes for an one way trip between Port Blair and Havelock. Makruzz is equipped with all the modern navigational equipment and is run by a team of qualified and certified captain and crew.

Safety on board

Never been on a ship before ? Do not worry. Makruzz is one of the safest ships at sea. It has an aluminum dual hull body that can withstand the roughest sea conditions. Life jackets and life rafts are placed all over the ship for any mishappening. The ship is surveyed every year by Director General Of Shipping and adheres to all mandatory safety norms for your safety.

However, seasickness is a common problem for many travelers. If you feel sick even during a long road journey, there is a remote chance that you may experience seasickness. You may take a pill of Avomine tablet (With your doctor's advice) to avoid sea sickness.

Makruzz boarding point


Makruzz departs from Haddo jetty in Port Blair. In Neil & Havelock Makruzz berths in the main jetty. You need to report to the boarding point at least 90 mins prior to scheduled departure for baggage screening and security check by CISF.

Here is what people say about Makruzz in their Trip Advisor Reviews & Google Reviews.

So are you all set to book your Makruzz ferry ? Remember, the window seat is for the early birds. For any clarifications, you may contact us on 7063955900.



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Checklist for your journey

  • Print out of your ticket
  • Original Identity card
  • Age proof for infants
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Cash for onboard purchases
  • Some snacks & water bottle (No Plastic please).
  • A fully charged mobile phone for your selfies & videos.

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