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Little different from the sandy beaches of Andaman, the trip to Baratang is just amazing. Starting from the long drive through the Jarawa reserve to the boat ride to the lime stone caves, it is a total different experience in Andaman.

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Baratang Island is around 100 Kms from Port Blair. The journey to Baratang is through tribal reserve forests. One gets to explore the lime stone caves and the mud volcano in Baratang. The boat ride to the lime stone caves through the mangroves is as beautiful as the caves themselves..


How to reach ?


The best way to reach Baratang is by road from Port Blair. Although recently government has started ferry services from Port Blair but it is not very reliable.


Convoy timings and Jarawa area rules


The vehicles pass the Jarawa area in a convoy for safety. The first convoy leaves Jirkatang check post at 6 am. It is advised to go to Baratang in the first convoy so that you can get sufficient time to visit the lime stone caves. To get the first convoy from Jirkatang at 6 am one needs to leave Port Blair by 3.30 am as there are other formalities to be done at the check post.


Strict rules are to be followed while passing through the Jarawa area. The vehicle is not to be stopped in between and interacting with the Jarawa tribes is a punishable offence. For your safety please keep the windows closed during the journey.


What to see ?


The main attraction of Baratang Islands are the lime stone caves and the boat ride to the caves through the mangroves. Also the car drive through the forest is amazing. Those interested may also hire a jeep to visit the mud volcano.


What to do ?


There are no other activities to be done in Baratang apart from visiting the lime stone caves and the mud volcano. Those going to Diglipur or willing to do a overnight stay can visit the Parrot island in the evening.


What to eat ?


Before you start your convoy journey from Jirkatang, make sure to finish your breakfast in the numerous road side eateries near the check post. This will save your time in Baratang. For lunch you may choose the food vendors and the small shacks near the jetty for Thalis and basic food. Those guests who have complimentary breakfast in their package are advised to take packed breakfast from the hotel the previous night.


What you should not miss


Do not miss the boat ride from the Baratang jetty to the lime stone caves.


What you can skip


In case you are hard pressed for time or have senior citizens with you, you may skip the mud volcano.


Ideal for


Ideal for families and youths. Since there is a trekking of 1.5 kms to the caves it is not advisable for senior citizens who have problem in walking.




Discover Andaman Holidays do not conduct or encourage tours to the Jarawa areas. Tourists should understand that interacting, giving food and even stopping their vehicles in the Jarawa area is a punishable offence.

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