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Underwater wedding is of kind activity in Havelock, Andaman. People do a normal wedding in normal daily life but this type of wedding is really a lifetime experience you can have with us Discover Andaman Holidays.

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Weddings are not just about jewelry, expensive dresses, and fancy cocktail parties. Welcome to 2021! It is not a “one size fits all” wedding world anymore. There are adventurous couples out there who have wedding ideas of their own, underwater wedding is one such unique idea.


Take the Plunge and Say “I do” With More Bubbles than Champagne

When most people dream about their wedding, it usually involves a tranquil romantic scene with a bride in white floating elegantly down the aisle. There’s usually not a lot of water involved in these dreams. Unless you’re looking for a touch of adventure and want to plunge under the waves for your vows. You’d be surprised how many people consider and actually do have underwater weddings.

So, how deep is your love?

All about underwater wedding

An underwater wedding is just that: a wedding ceremony that takes place underwater.

This intriguing concept is perfect for couples who want something unique and memorable. Whether you’re a snorkeler, diver, surfer, a lover of the ocean, or simply want an adventure, this is a great option to consider.

You will both usually have to wear masks and scuba units. Having said that, a few scuba diving lessons would be necessary for those couples who aren’t divers, so that they can be comfortable underwater.

We also provide you with underwater helmets to wear instead, which require no training. Your wedding ceremony will be preceded by a safety briefing. Then it’s time to do your mask or helmet and dive on down.

Some ceremonies have the couples standing up, especially if they are walking on the sandy floor in a sheltered environment. Most couples, however, find it easiest to kneel whilst underwater. After the underwater wedding ceremony, you will ascend to enjoy a festive reception with your guests. After putting on a dry set of clothes of course!

How to Have an Underwater Wedding

One of the most daunting aspects of any wedding is the sheer extent and complexity of making all the arrangements for your big day. And an underwater wedding, as you might expect, is no different. The logistics and arrangements are completely different when it comes to this unique type of wedding, we would guide you through the process as any other wedding planner would.



Havelock Island has located 55 km from Port Blair, the capital town of Andaman. The island is pristine and has many beautiful coral reefs around. Warm, clear waters and spectacular reefs provide the perfect backdrop for your wedding beneath the waves. Underwater, a wedding is arranged near Elephant beach. The reef has crystal clear water and visibility is best during morning hours.

Weather forecast and visibility

Poor weather conditions might result in your underwater ceremony being postponed or even canceled on the day. You will definitely need good visibility, no currents, and preferably warm water. We keep a track of the weather and visibility and suggest you the dates accordingly.



The couple and the guests should be physically fit to dive into the blue to attend the wedding. Swimming is not mandatory since all the guests will be individually escorted by our divemaster. Those diving underwater will be trained 01 day prior to the event for diving and emergency skills.


Underwater diving or Sea Walking is a completely safe activity. The site selected for an underwater wedding is designated for Scuba diving and Sea walks by Andaman and Nicobar Administration. The area is surrounded by nets for additional safety. Each guest going underwater will be individually escorted by a PADI/SSI-trained divemaster.


All necessary logistic arrangements for the wedding will be arranged by us. The couple and the guests will be taken to a pontoon from where they will dive to the wedding site. Boats and pontoon used for the wedding will be decorated. Underwater decoration will be done at the wedding sea bed.


Wedding rituals as per the religion of the couple will be performed with innovations as per underwater feasibility. The dress of the bride and groom will be modified with weights at the bottom for diving.


Apart from the couple and the priest, 07 guests will be allowed to attend the underwater wedding. Hence the total number of people underwater will be 10 guests (Including the couple & the priest) & 10 Divers escorting each of the guests.

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Photography & Video shoot

Basic photography & video shoot will be done underwater with Go-pro. A professional underwater photo shoot with Nauticam and strobe lights can be arranged for an extra cost.

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₹ 345,000

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