Half Day trip to Elephant Beach
Havelock Island

Trekking amidst the lush green environs of Andaman what can be more adventurous than this? Enjoy the elephant beach trekking and snorkeling (if opted for) and get in touch with the underwater world.

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Trip Overview

Trekking amidst the lush green environs of Andaman what can be more adventurous than this? Enjoy the elephant beach trekking and snorkeling (if opted for) and get in touch with the underwater world. 


Elephant Beach can be visited via boat in general. But for those travelers, who want to immerse themselves in the natural charm of Havelock Island, trekking to this beach is a great adventure and a must-do. You can trek to reach this gorgeous beach in around an hour, depending on how fast you are. There is marshland and mangrove forest to be covered before you reach this natural beauty in the Andaman Islands.

You can do the guided trekking or go on your own. The way is not that difficult. You can begin the trek around 8 AM. At this time, the temperature is moderate. After spending ample time at the beach, you can return by 1 PM. You can also indulge in various water activities.

Before reaching the beach we need to cover a ground of nearly 300 meters through marshland and mangrove forest. The guide helps you all through this, finding ways for you. We usually begin early around 8:00 AM when the temperature is moderate and return back by 1:00 PM after completing snorkeling. However, if you are arriving late then we can schedule the timing accordingly.

Once you reach Elephant beach you rest and make yourself comfortable. Later you can indulge in Snorkeling activity by paying on the spot based on your interest.
During the trek, we make sure that we carry some refreshments. An umbrella can be availed on demand without any extra cost.

You will come across different species of plants, shrubs, and trees during the trek. Some also have name tags on them. One can even spot interesting insects if you are lucky. As you near Elephant beach, you have to cross a mangrove swamp, which is another rare experience in itself.


  • Trek through the tropical jungle to the famous Elephant beach.
  • Stop for some refreshments that the local vendors will be selling along the way or in the elephant beach.






  • Do snorkeling and experience incredible marine life up-close (If chosen for).
  • Relax at the white sand beaches and laze around with the fantastic view of the blue-green ocean.


  • Multiple watersports can be availed, please check add-ons.


  • Convenient pick-up/drop from your hotel or resort in Havelock Island.

Important Notes to keep in mind

1. Try to carry as less items as possible with you. Carry snack and water, keep your both hands free.

2. Avoid falling into the trap of the locals portraying themselves as 'guides' when you start the trek. They will try to misguide and mislead you by making stories about the path in the forest.

3. Don't go alone. Having a company will be safer and more fun.

4. Wear sandals, or slippers, as the terrain would be muddy and slippery. You might have to take them off.

Owing to its splendor, crystal-clear waters, white sands, and exciting water activities, Elephant Beach in Havelock Island is one of the major tourist hotspots. It is a hub of water sports and is located around nine kilometers from the jetty. You can either take a boat ride or trek through the forest to reach this secluded part of northern Swaraj Dweep. If you choose to go via trekking, then the whole route is quite mesmerizing. Elephant Beach lies between dense tropical jungles and is covered by tall green trees from all sides. 

Letโ€™s wander where the WIFI is weak!


This quote is especially true when you set out on a trekking adventure. If you havenโ€™t been to this amazing activity before, then hiking in Havelock Island (now known as Swaraj Dweep) can be your chance to make the most of your first trekking experience. On this gorgeous island, there are a number of hiking opportunities where you are accompanied by a trekking guide as well. He is highly experienced and has been in this enthralling activity for years. He is also well-aware of all the bits and tricks involved. Guided trekking is the best way to introduce yourself to this adventure if you are a first-timer.

There are wooden seating and benches at Elephant Beach and you can simply sit back and enjoy the incredible view with scrumptious snacks. After a long day of adventure, just enjoy the most amazing sunset here. The water currents at the shoreline are not harsh and the sand is soft as well. Therefore, kids can enjoy themselves to the fullest.

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