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Candle Light Dinner


What is more romantic than a candlelight dinner with your loved one beside the shore of the best beaches in Asia? Candles always vibrate positivity. Dining with your partner with candles on the table could give a warm pleasant feeling to both and could refresh your minds to speak out more. Offer your better half love, care & most importantly-time. Bring the inner soul back in love again & make the bonding even stronger than before.

Which is the best place in Andaman for beachside candlelight dinner?

The essence of candlelight dinner for couples & families differs from each other. Though Andaman has a plethora of sites for the perfect candlelight dinner to choose from, however, we have handpicked some of the best places for your candlelight dinner to make it even more romantic.


Havelock island: A candlelight dinner with your loved one beside the shore of the best beaches in Asia is the best way to spend your evening while listening to the soothing sound of waves just in front of the table set up under the open sky. Needless to say that a candlelight dinner stands out when done at one of the best beaches in Asia.

Dinner cruise: Dine with your better half while you sail across the shores of Port Blair under the dark open sky lit by the dim candlelight. Dancing to the tunes of some great music on an open deck while you sip a glass of your favorite wine will rejuvenate your romantic life & bring back some sweet memories in respite from your busy schedule.


Neil Island: Neil Island is yet another stunning place that offers a perfect site for your romantic candlelight dinner. As the daylight fades treat your date to a fairytale experience by dining along the shores of one of the jewels of Andaman’s.

How expensive is a beachside candlelight dinner in Andaman?

The cost of a candlelight dinner in Havelock starts from Rs.4000 without wine. The cost may rise up to Rs.5500 which includes wine. You can choose from a variety of mouth-watering delicacies prepared especially for you. We never want you to pay in excess for celebrating love. After all, love has no pricing.


Which is the best candlelight dinner in Havelock?

Are you weighing your options regarding a romantic candlelight dinner in Havelock as in how to choose the right candlelight dinner? Want to spare yourself all the hassles of planning and sit back, and relax? Well, then, we at Discover Andaman are here to help you every step of the way. From understanding your expectations regarding the candlelight dinner to planning out everything in great detail to seamless execution, we take care of everything, and within affordable price brackets.


How to book a candlelight dinner in Havelock?

We at Discover Andaman are just a call or a few clicks away. Schedule a consultation with us for candlelight dinner in Andaman, convey your thoughts, and we will take care of the rest. Unlike other event managers, you won’t have to worry about a hefty consultation and décor planning fee with Discover Andaman. Helping you create memories, and make the day special are our topmost priorities. So, wait no more, book candlelight dinner with us for a spellbinding experience.

Is wine/alcohol included in a beachside candlelight dinner in Andaman?

Yes, if opted for.


Which is the best place for candlelight dinner on your honeymoon?

Andaman archipelago boasts some of the finest beaches in Asia. Out of this list, we will walk you through a guide on choosing the most romantic places for your candlelight dinner in Andaman. Set amidst the series of resorts in Havelock, @ Lemon grass is the most amazing and one of the romantic resorts in Havelock for couples who are planning for candlelight dinner. This lush property is spread along the shores and the quiet environment adds value to the fine dining experience. This resort is well known for serving some lip-smacking treats from traditional to contemporary dishes.

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₹ 5,500

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