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North Bay and Netaji Subhas Bose (Ross) Island

North Bay and Ross Island is a full day tour by boat from Port Blair. While North Bay is famous for its under water corals and colourful fishes, Ross Island is more of a historic place as it was the residential area for the britishers before independence.

A short 45 minutes’ boat ride from the Aberdeen Jetty (in Port Blair) will reach you to the North Bay Beach. Though the beach is constantly under the pressure of heavy tourist footfalls, yet it is one of the cleanest beaches in Andaman. There is also a tall Lighthouse overlooking the beach. This island is famous for diving sites near the beach, which are blessed with rich coral reef structure and amazing underwater marine life.


Ross island was the administrative headquarters of British rule in Andaman till 1941 when an earthquake destroyed the island. Again during the 2nd world war, The Japanese army took control over Ross island and made it their camp.


The first thing you will notice on reaching the island are the Japanese bunkers used during the world war. This island was a typical British colony during the early 19th century. The paved roads with beautifully built victorian buildings on both sides, British bungalows, grocery shops, bakery, church, hospital, cemetery, swimming pool, offices etc.



How to reach ?


You need to reach the water sports complex to board your boat for North Bay and Ross Island. Some boats go to Ross Island first and some to North Bay. Either way you will be able to visit both the islands.


Entry fee


There is an entry fee of Rs.20 in both Ross and North Bay Island which is collected for upkeeping of these islands.


What to see ?


Ross Island has a lot of remains of the historical buildings of the British era. North Bay has a light house on the island. The other things to do in North Bay are the water sports activities.


What to do ?


There are many water sports activities in North Bay like Scuba Diving, Sea Walk, Submarine ride, Glass bottom boat ride and snorkeling.


What to eat ?


There are basic eateries in North Bay where you can have your lunch.


What you should not miss

Do not miss the  Smritika museum in Ross Island which showcases the history of the island. When in North Bay do atleast any of the water activities to get a glimpse of the rich under water marine life.


Do not miss the boat ride from the Baratang jetty to the lime stone caves.


What you can skip


You can skip the basic glass bottom boat rides as they do not have much visibility. Scuba diving or semi submarine is obviously a better option.


Ideal for


Families and sea lovers.

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