It is a serene beach located in the easternmost corner of Neil island. This beach is famous for the magnificent sunrise. Besides the sunrise one who wants to find tranquility, must visit this beach. This is a rocky beach so not a perfect beach to swim on. You can spend time sitting on a rock, sinking feet, feeling the breeze. Since this is a less explored beach, so no hawkers no tea stall. Crystal clear water, bright blue sky, the deep green forest make it a photographer's favorite beach. This should be a must destination of every nature lovers list visiting Neil Island.

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Sitapur beach in Neil Island

At the tip of the island, about 5km from the market is beach No. 5. Also known as the โ€˜sunrise beachโ€™ Sitapur beach is famous for the breathtaking sunrise view in the early morning. This postcard-perfect serene beach has two curved bays and clear blue waters which is just like an imagination come true for photography lovers.

Due to its location, it is prone to higher tides and stronger currents, thus making it not much suitable for swimming. All along the white stretches of soft sand, there is plenty of shade from the coconut trees. At low tide, one can walk to the second bay and explore small caves or just enjoy the tranquility of this beach.

How to reach?

This beach has an impressive natural backdrop and limestone formations. The journey to Sitapur beach itself is refreshingly beautiful as the ride goes via paddy fields and dense forests. You can walk down the fields or rent a bike from Neil Kendra to reach this beach.


Sunrise timing varies from 5-6 am.

What to see?


What to do?

Visit early morning for the sunrise or later in the day for a leisure walk or some amazing photography.

What to eat?

As the beach is never crowded there are no facilities yet, so you may get some tender coconuts. There is a resort with a small restaurant 100 meters away from where you may get some basic snacks.

What you should not miss.

You should not miss the sunrise view from this beach.

What you can skip

In case you have missed the sunrise and you are running short of time, you may skip visiting this beach.

Ideal for

Photography and nature lovers.

Special tips

Do not walk on the rocks and take special care of your kids in case they get into the water here.

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