If you want to enjoy a beautiful sunset then Laxmanpur Beach (Neil Island) is definitely the best option for you. The color of the nature is very pleasant so keep your camera charged up. You will need it a lot. The sea reflects the sun and every 10 meters the colour of water is different during sunset. It cant be expressed by words but something that has to be experience by visiting the place.

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Laxmanpur beach in Neil Island

There are two different Laxmanpur beaches, No.1 and No. 2. Both beaches are a must-visit.

Beach number 2 is where the Howrah bridge and other natural rock formations can be seen. The beach has both live coral and dead coral.

Beach number one is famous as a sunset point. It is also a rocky beach but unlike beach number 2, there is sand on the shore and you can sit and enjoy the wind and the view. These beaches are a must-visit if you are on Neil Island.

How to reach?

Laxmanpur beach is approximately 4.5 Kms from the main market. Those interested in a beach walk can follow the Bharatpur beach stretch to reach Laxmanpur. Cabs and autos are available from the Jetty to reach the beach.


Although the beach is open throughout the day, the best time to visit is during sunset. Don't get late in reaching the sunset point. Sunset typically happens around 5 pm so plan accordingly. 

What to see?

The beautiful beach and the amazing sunset.

What to do?

You must visit the beach along with a guide which you would easily get outside the beach. The guide would tell you the property of all the variety of corals and sea creatures that are easily visible on the rocky beach due to low tide.

What to eat?

You can watch the sunset while snacking on some corn, mudi (a Bengali delicacy), tea, or maggie.

What you should not miss.

You should not miss the sunset view from this beach.

What you can skip

You can skip going there during the daytime if you want to come here for the sunset view.

Ideal for

Families and nature lovers.

Special tips

While in water, don't stand in one place for a long time. During high tide, the natural bridge is closed. Plan accordingly.

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