Green Ocean 1 has an open deck and a cafeteria that turns into a dance floor. So if you want to feel the sea from an open deck, this is the best option for you.

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Cruise / Ferry Overview

Green Ocean 1

2-12.jpgGreen Ocean 1 is like old wine served in a new bottle. Confused? Let us explain. Green Ocean 1 is a M.S class vessel built for deep-sea sailing. It was refurbished with modern interiors and passenger amenities for transporting tourists to Havelock and Neil Island from Port Blair. The vessel has a capacity of 316 seats divided between upper deck-royal class, middle deck-luxury class, and lower deck-deluxe class. The open deck cafeteria serves snacks and beverages.


The ship may not look as cool as Makruzz, but It has its own advantages. It is the safest and smoothest ship to sail during rough weather. It is the only ship with an open deck, where guests can feel the breeze, click those selfies for their Insta or shake a leg on the DJ floor. If you do not feel like going to the deck, you can sit back in your AC cabin and enjoy a movie on the television. 

The cruise time between Port Blair and Havelock is approximately 2.5 hours. The travel time is more compared to other cruises but the experience onboard especially the open deck would not let you feel bored. 

Seat Classes in Green Ocean 1 Cruise

Deluxe Class

These are the base category seats on the lower deck. Seats are comfortable but legroom and space between seats are less compared to the other two classes.

There are 161 seats in this class. If you wish to spend most of your time on the open deck and enjoy the Sea view then this is the right class for you.

Luxury Class

This is the middle segment with push back seats. Corner seats have windows for a breathtaking sea view during the cruise. There are 106 seats in this class.
Royal Class

This is the highest class and located on the upper deck. It has large windows and comfortable sofa seats. There are 49 seats in this class. The open deck and cafeteria are adjacent to the Royal class seats.

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Checklist for your journey

  • Print out of your ticket
  • Original Identity card
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Cash for onboard purchases
  • Some snacks & water bottle (No Plastic please).
  • A fully charged mobile phone for your selfies & videos.

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