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Private Charter (MFV Caiman)


Are you dreaming of visiting Andamans nearby island getaways that boast dozens of pristine tropical beaches? Perhaps you’re interested in exploring Similar Islands, one of the world’s top ten diving sites? The best way to see these places is by chartering a private boat in Andaman, and we are here to give you the best experience of all time that you won't get in the whole of Asia.


In addition to being a world-class holiday destination, Andamans is a wonderful base for touring other islands as well as nearby provinces. Barren Island, Long Island, South Button, John Lawerence Islands, and other corners of the Andaman Coast are famous for their limestones, hidden lagoons, and underwater wildlife.


Details about our Private Boat

Engine: 2x250 HP Suzuki Engines

Passenger Capacity: 12

Length overall: 12.67 meters

Breadth molded: 03.25 meters

Depth: 00.65 meters

Loaded Draft: 00.55 meters

Gross Tonnage: 05.00 Tons

Registered Tonnage: 02.00 Tons

800 Litre fuel tank & 800 Litre storage

06  double Sofa seats


Safety devices

16 Life jackets 

Fire extinguishers

Distance alert transmitter

Area Information System

VHF Communicator

Fishfinder & GPS

First aid box

Cockpit Cabin



While there are endless day tours that can transport you to these magical places, they tend to be short, packed, and overly commercial. In order to fully explore the beauty of the Andaman, why not travel at your own pace on a private boat in Andamans pristine waters? This way you can not only spend more than a couple of hours at each destination but you also get to create lifetime memories with a group of people you care about.

Some travelers may choose quick tours as they strive to cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time. We, however, believe that quality holidays are about relaxing and leaving that high-adrenaline mode behind.


Why do you need a private charter in Andaman to explore the destination?

1. Escape the tourist crowds.


If you’ve ever attempted doing a standard tour to Havelock Island, for example, you know that it is close to impossible to photograph the spikey ‘islands' near the Havelock Coast without dozens of people in the background.

Private island touring allows for a quiet and relaxing time as well as undisturbed photo sessions. Moreover, having a beach – or a whole island – to yourself is what holidaying in paradise is all about.

2. Take pleasure in optimal weather conditions.


Andaman is blessed with generally good weather and pleasant sea temperature all year round.

Whether you visit Andaman Island in the so-called high or low season, you will be able to enjoy a personalized boat trip to dreamy picturesque places – some of which are only reachable by boat.

3. Get pampered in sheltered bays with calm waters.

Andaman Shore offers some amazing sheltered bays with calm waters.

One of them is South Button & John Lawerence Island, a 400-square-kilometer area protected from the monsoonal winds. With its hundreds of islands, this stunning bay is, therefore, the perfect place for a luxury boat holiday all year round.


4. Delight in a highly personalized experience.

Would you like a slow-paced holiday that consists of sunbathing and fishing experience at some of the Andaman's best and untouched beaches? Maybe you are after a thrilling diving trip, snorkeling or fishing into the unknown? Perhaps you’d like a mix of adventure and relaxation? No problem!

The islands around Havelock offer a good combination of both relaxing and challenging activities. You can do premium snorkeling, fishing, or just relaxing on an Island.

Renting a private boat in Andaman with Boat in the Bay you get a custom itinerary considering your wishes and preferences.

5. Discover a unique underwater world.


Havelock or Neil Island is the gateway to the best scuba diving in all of Andaman. Most dive sites in the area are home to sea turtles as well as eye-catching colorful fish and corals. Divers can also encounter some of the more exotic sea creatures such as manta rays off the coast of Neil Island.

6. Watch the sunset at sea


Andaman sunsets, each a bit different from the previous, never cease to impress. Watching a sunset on board a private boat is a memory that is sure to stay with you once you get back to your everyday life.

Imagine cruising on a private boat in Andaman waters with family or a group of friends. There is a soft breeze, delectable bites, cocktails, and champagne, and the sky is a display of red and orange hues… You feel an unparalleled sense of freedom and comfort that is a fitting crown to your journey.

In the end, whether you set aside a couple of days or a full week to discover the beauties of Andaman by a private boat charter is irrelevant. What matters is a chance to unwind in your own unique way in maximum privacy – and in a place renowned for its beauty like Andaman you indeed get what you pay for.

We can take you to some of the Unexplored + offbeat destinations of Andaman so, sit tight.

  1. Barren Island

(The only active Volcano in Southeast Asia)


Barren Island in Andaman is the only active volcano in Southeast Asia. The volcano recorded its first eruption in the year 1787 and since then the volcano has erupted 8 more times. The last eruption was observed in the year 2017 and is continuing.

The height of the volcano is 354 meters (1,161 ft), but most of the volcano lies underwater up to 2250 meters below the surface. The 3 km long island is mostly covered by the volcano and its lava.

Where is the Barren Island?

Barren Island is situated approximately 140 Kms from the capital town of Port Blair in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands. This volcanic island is a part of the volcanic belt between the Indian and Burmese tectonic plates. The other Volcano in this belt, Narcondam Island is also a part of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.


2. Fishing Trip


The island of Andaman together with Nicobar forms an extension group of Islands. It is located almost 2000 kilometers from the coast of India and 750 kilometers from the coast of Thailand. Regular flights are available from all major airports in India.


Andaman is home to 280 edible fish species. As if that isn’t enough the area is also famous for dolphins and the rare green Turtle. The mean weight of the fish recorded is about 20 to 45kg a figure that leaves game fishers eager to try their luck in the water for Game fishing in Andaman. Because of how secluded and populated the Sea is, not much luck is required. GTS, barracuda, bluefin, coral trout, pilot trevally, sailfish, and Wahoo are some of the fish that inhabit the water of Andaman.


We at Andaman Aquaholics do take care of all the arrangements for anglers visiting Andaman with us. We have tied up with all types of hotels, airlines, and other service providers to ensure that anglers can make optimum use of their time in Andaman for fishing.


 Barren Island

 Sister Island (Beyond WLS)

 Brother Island (Beyond WLS)

 Cinque Island (Beyond WLS)

 Passage Island (Beyond WLS)

 Incredible Bank (Beyond WLS)

 Button Island (Beyond WLS)

 Neil Island,

 Havelock Island

 Invisible Bank (Beyond WLS)

 Little Andaman

 South Sentinel Island (Beyond WLS)

 Rutland Island

 Middle Button (Beyond WLS/NP)

 North Button (Beyond WLS)

 South Button (Beyond WLS/NP)

 Outram Island (Beyond WLS)

 Sir Hugh Rose Island (Beyond WLS)

 Inglis Island (Beyond WLS)

 Campbell Shoal Island

 South Banks

 Middle Banks

 West Coral Banks

3. South Button Island 

South Button Island -1.jpg

Off the southeast Indian coast emerges a rock from the pristine waters of the Bay of Bengal. This mighty piece of rock supports, yet unexplored but seemingly an immense variety of biodiversity. This is the South Button Island residing atop the South Button Islands, a part of the Andaman and Nicobar group of islands. Just the mere sight of this island is mesmerizing and would make you want to go there! It covers an area of 5 sq km and lies 2 hours away from the spectacular Havelock islands via motor boat. This national park is a part of the Rani Jhansi marine national park and has emerged as a popular destination for scuba diving and snorkeling. However, a lot remains to be known about the South Button Islands. It is a great opportunity for adventure junkies and nature lovers to go on an exploration spree.

How To Reach

  • By waterways: It takes 2 hours to reach South Button Island from Havelock Islands using a Private Charter boat.

Local Attractions

  • South Button is a popular destination for scuba diving and snorkeling.
  • Long Island and Havelock Island lying close to South Button are an awe-inspiring bunch of islands. The scenic beauty of the beaches here is beautiful beyond what words can describe. You ought to be there to experience the bliss.
  • North Button and Middle Button islands along with South Button Islands form an arch in the Bay of Bengal. These are spectacular islands that you simply cannot miss.

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