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Boat Trip Overview

NSCB (Ross Island)


The Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Island-famously and previously known as Ross Island was changed by Our Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi.

The Island is only a couple of miles from Port Blair and can be gotten to by fiber boats from Port Blair Aberdeen Jetty/Junglighat Jetty. Ross Island can be reached by means of the ship from the water sports complex (Aberdeen Jetty).

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These ships sail every day to Ross Island. Normally the ship ride covers both Ross Island and North Bay Coral Island in a solitary day visit.

This island was involved by the British Colony during the pre-autonomy period and it was their Administrative Head Quarter until a quake shook the islands in 1941, after which the British moved to Port Blair for settlement leaving Ross Island. The Japanese likewise had involved Andamans in 1942 during World War II. The Japanese conflict shelters cannons actually stand as a remembrance on the island.

This rich island which was abandoned allowed nature to incur significant damage gradually but consistently as banyan trees overwhelmed the structures subsequently supplanting the designs made by man. 

The Indian Navy has revamped a portion of the structures like the bread shop and neighborhood stores, where keepsakes are sold. As of now, Ross Island remains in a position of verifiable vestiges and significance.

The Lady who can talk to Animals



Well … she is our island’s animal queen …To elaborate more, she is a proud 4th generation Islander, who survived the tsunami

She guides the tourists on #NSCB Island aka Ross Island. She takes the first boat to the Island & has spent almost all her life there. 

She not only has knowledge about the history of NSB island but also has an ocean of knowledge about the entire Andaman.

She even got recognition & appreciation 

by श्री अमित शाह Ji during his visit to Andaman

Now Ross Island remains as a nature museum with demolished architecture where wild nature captures the place with astonishing animals like deer, rabbits, and peacocks.

Are things available at Ross Island?

Since the island is a museum-like place where nature took place you won’t get many things there. Drinking water and other refreshments are to be bought by the tourists as there is just one shop operated by the government and it only provides lunch. Most of the people have their lunch at North Bay island because ross doesn’t have any restaurants and you get 3 hours on a north bay coral island.

Things to see at Ross Island!!!

  • After entering the island you can find a big water refining plant, a pool, and a tennis court.
  • The Island actually has the remaining parts of the popular print machine and secretariat office.
  • Vacationers can approach investigating the islands and spot remains of a congregation, down and you can see a burial ground.
  • The Farzand Ali Store was a popular store on the island and it is currently kept up as a historical center. This store has various photos of the British time frame and their previous exercises.
  • The island had local area structures like a congregation, tennis court, print machine, emergency clinic, burial ground, secretariat, outdoor theatre, and substantially more to add.
  • The Japanese dugouts and guns acquired by the Japanese during World War II can likewise be seen alongside the other authentic remaining parts.

Can we do a water sports activity at Ross Island?

NO, you cannot do any water sports activity in Ross Island since the island is under the Navy and it's only for the museum purpose.

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  • Do not feed the animals over there.
  • Do not litter since it is under Navy you will get challan/fined Rs.20,000/- for it and of course we should not litter our mother earth no matter where ever place you go or from which place from you are.

North Bay Coral Island


North Bay Coral Island is the very island that is seen at the rear of a 20 Rupee Note (This note was changed in 2019 by the Indian Government). You will actually want to recognize the beacon at the rear of 20 Rupee Indian notes here on this island.

The North Bay Island otherwise called the Coral Island is a delightful ocean side island not a long way from Port Blair; it is encircled by a brilliant ocean side known for its submerged coral stores and different fishes which makes it an embodiment of normal marine excellence and an ideal spot for submerged exercises.


The splendid and bright coral reef is to be sure an extraordinary sight! It has one of the most far-reaching assortments of coral stretches in the ocean. The Island is generally renowned for the exercises that are directed there. The island is likewise one of the most visited places in the Andaman.

Individuals intending to visit North Bay by and large cover it as "a day-long Island Hopping trip" that covers the two most well-known islands-North Bay Coral Island along with Ross Island. 

The North Bay Island is the focal point for water sports in the whole Andaman Islands. The North Bay Island is only an hour from Port Blair. North sound can be visited from the Rajiv Gandhi Water sports complex. This Island is liked by vacationers of assorted types for taking water sports and exercise.

Things Available at North Bay Coral Island!!!!

Fresh Water can be available at shops in North Bay

Changing Rooms are available in North Bay

Small restaurants are available to eat your lunch or snacks.

If you want to shop the jewels underwater from Andaman then the North Bay is a perfect place to find all. (don’t forget to take the bills)

Pro Tips before traveling to North Bay Coral Island

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  • Prebooking for water sports activities whichever you like is the most important thing you must do before going there. (Due to a heavy crowd you won’t get a free slot unless you book in advance.)
  • Do a lifetime activity Parasailing, Sea Walk, and Scuba Diving at North Bay which is the best in Asia due to its living coral island.
  • Take extra clothes, sunglasses, sunscreen, hats, and some snacks from the water sports complex before leaving for Ross Island and North Bay Coral Island.
  • You don’t have to worry about the safety because we have trained staff and the boat is equipped with all the safety equipment.
  • The elderly and kids who are not happy with the submerged/underwater activity can benefit from the Andaman Dolphin Glass Boat or The Coral Safari Semi Submarine ride. Which empowers you to see the coral life in the ocean without getting wet.

Where can I get the ferry/boat tickets?

Book your sharing boat ride ticket to Ross Island and North Bay Coral Island. Among the most famous island trips in Port Blair. 

Book boat Ross Island and North Bay Coral Island and get confirmed tickets for your excursion.

You can get these tickets via WhatsApp also by booking online or by calling +917063955900.

The cruising timetable of the boat might contrast in light of the number of explorers on that day. We prescribe voyagers to get affirmed booking of tickets before you start the excursion to North Bay and Island. 

This outing takes you to Ross Island, the main managerial settlement of the British on the Andaman island, and North Bay Island, otherwise called Coral island. The ship starts and first takes you to Ross Island where you investigate the island for something like an hour and a half. Here you can journey and see the remnants of prior settlements that were made. A historical center is likewise here to investigate. You could take an aide in Ross Island to be familiar with the rich history of this novel island. Post this objective we move to North Bay Island on a similar ship you came. The ship ride to North Bay will require around a short way from Ross Island.

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