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Game Fishing In Andaman



Sports Fishing In Andaman Island Game Fishing in Andaman Sea
(Package starts @ Rs.40,000 for 4 persons)


Andaman Sea MapThe Andaman Islands form a breathtakingly beautiful and relatively untouched archipelago situated by the Andaman Sea in the Bay of Bengal. Only 36 of 572 islands are inhabited, leaving 86% of the landmass under protected forest cover. Tropical rainforests abound in rare and endemic species of flora and fauna. With no commercial fishing aloud the reefs are virtually untouched, giving the fish a chance to grow to colossal sizes.

Huge masses of water are pulled through the islands by the tides each day providing the smaller fish with an abundance of food, giving the predators plenty to eat and grow. The Islands have large mangroves forests which provide excellent nursing ground for the juvenile fish.

With so many reef systems being undiscovered you are likely to hook in to some real monsters. Be prepared for a fishing adventure that will certainly put you and your gear to the ultimate test.


Fishes commonly found in Andaman Sea

Big giant Travally, Tuna – you will find all species of tuna here, Baracuda, Dolphin fish, Wahoo, Grouper’s, and the giants – Black & Blue marlin, Sailfish, Sword fish. And the sea monsters – Shark’s – you will find all of them partying here – hammer head shark, grey reef shark, white tip reef shark, tiger shark and many more.


Boats for Game fishing

The boats we use on all of our trips are custom built to suit the conditions and the fishing styles that we encounter. All of our boats are maintained to the highest aesthetic and mechanical standards. You will not be disappointed when fishing on one of these vessels. Boats used for Sea Game fishing in Andaman are Aqua Aura, Etopia, Rampage-37 feet, Halcyon II-33 feet, Halcyon III-30 feet, Surmai, Stargazer etc.


Game fishing boat aqua aura in Andaman Game fishing in Andaman Halcyon 3 Luxury Yatch Etopia in Havelock




We provide all the equipment necessary to go trolling, popping, jigging or live baiting. However if you are more comfortable using your own equipment please feel free to bring it along.

Game fishing equipments in AndamanRecommended popping set ups include PE10/12 popping rods paired with a 18000/20000 size reel, a 7'6'' length rod for extreme fishing power, 100-120lb braid as main line. Futhermore, we need a 150lb leader tied with an FG knot the last 20cm of which should be twisted and crimped, 220lb terminal tackle, 100-200 gram poppers , stick baits, Owner 4/0 and 5/0 ST-76 hooks or similar, but the barbs must be crushed. The brighter lures do very well on the reefs, and natural colors work better in deeper water.

For jigging a smaller rod in the 5-6ft range, rated of about 400grams is required. This is paired with a 14000/18000 size reel and 65-80lb braid. A 3-5 meter fluorocarbon leader has to be tied with an FG knot coupled with 150lb terminal tackle, jigs in the 150-300 gram range, 300lb Kevlar assist cord and an Owner SJ-46 11/0 assist hook or a similar hook. Adding a small Muppet to the hook has been proven to be a very effective method. Not only will you get more hits, but it also protects paint on the jig from the hook slapping against it. 





Sports fishing in Andaman poppingPopping is a technique used to catch fish on the surface of the water, so we tend to stay in shallow water or reef drop off’s. It is a visual fishing style and takes can be explosive. When a large GT hits in shallow water it is a sight that you will never forget.

We will look for bait fish on the surface and get you to cast just beyond them, popping the lure over them and creating a large disturbance catching the predators’ attention.  Heavy gear is recommended for this as allot of pressure is required to keep the fish out of the reef. We want to get the fish to the boat as soon as possible so it can be returned safely. Long specialized tropical popping rods of 2.40 cm with a rating of 50-80lb backed up with 300m of PE8 line will be the minimum requirement for this. The main target species is Giant Trevally, but you are also likely to hook in to dog tooth tuna, groupers, wahoo or the odd sailfish.



Jigging is done in water ranging between 30-120m of water.  The numerous deep water reefs around Havelock provide plenty of jigging locations. Using sonar we are always finding new reefs, the thrill of being the first to drop and see what hits is exhilarating.The gear for this is short and stiff rods, 1.80cm, with a rating of 50-80lbs or above as there are some huge fish that roam the deep waters. Make sure you have plenty of line on your reel, as some edges drop from 90m to over 300m.

The fish you are likely to catch in these deep waters are dog tooth tuna, amber jacks , GT’s, snappers or groupers.



Trolling can be a nice way to see allot of area and catch a wide range of species.  Here the boat will be constantly moving with the lures being pulled behind the boat. We can trawl between the islands for reef fish or the blue water for pelagic fish.  Here the gear will range from 30lb set ups for the smaller reef species or 50lb and above for the blue water species. The list of species is endless when trolling with some very unusual catches often possible.



  • The best season for fishing is August until 30th of May. With the peak season being from October until April.
  • Andaman Islands, latitude & longitude; 11°40'N 92°43'E.
  • The average temperature in Andaman Islands, is 27.0 °C (81 °F).
  • The warmest average max/ high temperature is 32 °C (90 °F) in April.
  • The coolest average min/ low temperature is 22 °C (72 °F) in January, February, March.
  • Andaman Islands receives on average 3176 mm (125.0 in) of precipitation annually or 265 mm (10.4 in) each month.
  • On balance there are 164 days annually on which greater than 0.1 mm (0.004 in) of precipitation occurs or 14 days on an average month.
  • The month with the wettest weather is June when on balance 596 mm (23.5 in) of rain across 25 days.
  • Mean relative humidity for an average year is recorded as 80.3% and on a monthly basis it ranges from 74% in January, February & December to 87% in July, August & September.
  • There is an average range of hours of sunshine in Andaman Islands of between 3.4 hours per day in June and 9.6 hours per day in February.
  • On balance there are 2405 sunshine hours annually and approximately 6.6 sunlight hours for each day.


We pride ourselves on the diversity of fishing options we offer, so whichever form of blue water fishing you are interested in, we have an adventure that's sure to impress. We offer a range of charters based around our 30ft & 37ft boats to fish the untouched reefs of the Andaman Islands, for long inaccessible and untouched this Island group is the last frontier for true big game sport fishing. Situated in the Bay of Bengal these tropical islands of rainforest, mangroves and deep drop offs in the Andaman Basin make an ideal location for any form of saltwater angling. If you want some immediate

information on any of our charters, mail us [email protected] for details on our trips.