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Diglipur (Ross and Smith Islands)


 Ross and Smith Island in Diglipur Andaman
 Digilipur is the largest and farthest town located in the North Andaman Islands. It is more like a division or a county. It is 300 kms by road and 180 kms by sea from Port Blair which means a road trip might take the whole day. Yet, the beauty of Diglipur makes the escapade from the daily routines to this pristine place a worthy holiday.
Diglipur is a hub of a lot of tourist activities and attractions. Eco-friendly tourists flock in large numbers on the island for its abundant forest cover & marine life. Diglipur not only promises a rich flora and fauna but is also famous for its orange and rice production.
There are a whole lot of places to explore in and around Diglipur.Andaman Islands have only one river ‘Kalpong’ which flows through Diglipur and sustains the first and the only hydroelectricity project of the archipelago. The twin islands called Ross & Smith Islands, connected by a thin sand bar, are just a half an hour journey from Diglipur. A fascinating and must visit place, Ross & Smith and the Ramnagar Beach are famous for turtle nesting during December to February.
Then we have the Diglipur National Park also known as the Saddle Peak National Park which is a dense tropical forest with a huge population of exquisite trees (sandal being one of them). The park also offers trekking and hiking options. The Saddle Peak is the highest point in the Gulf of Bengal. At 732 m (4500 feet), it provides an excellent aerial view of Andaman & Nicobar Islands.
Other places include the Kalipur beach which has a rocky shore and fishing villages, & the Lamiya Bay which is a shell coated beach. At the end of the beach stroll there is a fresh water stream called ‘Thambu Nali’ in the foothills of the National Park. The mud spitting volcano has been discovered at the Northern peak of Diglipur but not much is known about it even to the localites.