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Port Blair city tour is a full day or half day tour that includes all the historic places in the city, visit to the museums and ample time for visiting the local market and shopping

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Port Blair city tour


Chatham saw mill

Chatham Saw Mill was built in the year in 1883 and more than a century later it is still functioning as Asia’s Oldest Saw Mill. The mill is named after the island Chatham where it is located. Chatham is like an extension of Port Blair connected by a bridge. It is the gateway to Mt Harriet and other smaller islands like Bambooflat and Hope town.

The Saw Mill and the museum inside is open to the Public all through the year 8 am to 2 pm except on Mondays.


History of Chatham Saw Mill

The saw mill was established in 1883 to cater to the growing need for wood in the area as the island settlement in Port Blair slowly expanded. The Bristish also used the mill to process huge amount of timber for London, New York and various other Europen cities. It is interesting to know that the crimson walls of Buckingham Palace in London is made from the Padouk wood of the Andaman Islands processed in Chatham Saw Mill.

The Japanese attacked the Mill in March 1942 which led to the mass killing of unsuspecting workers. The Japanese made bunkers inside the saw mill  for 3 years between 1942 and 1945 using it as a base during World War II. One of the bunkers can still be seen just after the memorial monument.


Museum and Souvenir Shop


The small museum within the mill complex has an  collection of artefacts about the island, flora, fauna as well as information on how the mill was built more than a hundred years ago. There is a preserved dolphin, old mariner’s compass and the skull of a sea cow among samples of wood. There are many intricately carved and aesthetically designed items made from Padauk Wood on display.


Samudrika Naval Museum


Run by the Indian Navy, this diverse museum provides helpful insight into the Andaman’s ecosystems, tribal communities, flora and fauna. There are a few small marine aquariums also. On display are hawksbill turtle shells recovered from poachers and, outside, the skeleton of a young blue whale washed ashore on Kamorta Island in the Nicobars.


Anthropological museum


The Anthropology museum provides a thorough and sympathetic portrait of the islands’ indigenous tribal communities. On display are geometric patterns etched into a Jarawa chest guard, the skull left in a Sentinelese lean-to, the Andamanese shell waist girdle and the totemic spirits represented by Nicobarese shamanic sculptures. There are models of the huts constructed in the forests by the different tribes of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.


Sagarika Emporium for shopping

Sagarika Emporium is the best place for shopping at Port Blair. The Emporium is run by Industries department and primarily deals in Sea Shell products, wooden show pieces, various ornaments made by Pearls and locally grown spices. There are few more private shopping outlet by General name of Sagarika is at Port Blair. However, all this private shopping outlets are having subtle spelling difference in its name to save themselves from Legal hassle. The key to identify Government run Sagarika Emporium is that it is co-located with Khadi Gramodyog Outlet in same building. The Government owned Sagarika Emporium has best collection of Conch and sea shell product in Andaman. They also have a selling outlet in Port Blair Airport, where prices are the same as of it's city outlet.



Joggers Park

Joggers Park is located at a hill top with beautiful view of the run way of Port Blair airport. This is an ideal place to sit back and relax and also do some morning work out. The illuminated view of the city from the park at night is also a worth.


Fisheries Aquarium

The fisheries aquarium in the water sports complex hosts many rare species of fishes found in the Andaman sea. There is also a famous see food restaurant adjacent to the museum.

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